The PACER team is a group of ordinary people, sponsored by Pro-Activity Associates, who are committed to doing EXTRAORDINARY things!  Brought together by a common interest in the world of endurance sports, envision a mesh of social club and athletic team....some of us "play" on our field of choice, while others cheer or coach from the side...among us you'll find the friendship and support necessary to go just a little further than you thought you push a little cheer a little louder....and when you take a moment to look'll realize, the ordinary you thought you were surrounded by is pretty extraordinary after all.  If you are interested in joining our group and being sponsored by Pro-Activity, please fill out the contact us form in the margin to the left to be considered!  If "sponsorship" or racing isn't what you're looking for, but instead, just a great community to train, connect, and volunteer with, check out our friends at