2010 Accomplishments

posted Feb 10, 2011, 6:28 PM by Michael Eisenhart

Congrats to our 2010 members who accomplished the following (and more):

  • Beautiful Country:  PACER team kicks off the season locally with the Clinton Country Run 15K
  • Long Branch 1/2 Marathon - it was very hot....but all that entered wearing the blue, completed the race.
  • What the MUCK?  PACER Team gets down and dirty in the first ever Run-A-Muck
  • Mt. Washington - another summit of the tallest in the Northeast and the mountain known for vicious weather throughout the year
  • WINNERS:  Team PACER WINS the Dodge Virgina Beach Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon
  • Not afraid to TRI: PACER members complete Triathlons ranging from sprint distance to 1/2 Ironman
  • The biggest marathon EVER: PACER member Steph Hank and 45,000 of her closest friends completed the ING, NYC Marathon
  • PODIUM:  Amongst a record crowd, PACER team takes 3rd in the Flemington Turkey Trot, falling short of defending its 2009 title